The social media that enables growth.

Whether you want to mentor, find a mentor, share and track your accomplishments, or develop professionally with others, Pedestal is the social media network for you.

Skills are expected before professional development.

The cycle is currently backward.

Professional development becomes stagnant without guidance, and mentors are hard to come by.

Mentors often lack incentive, are found behind steep paywalls, or are not accessible to all industries.


No platform exists for you to find mentors and collaborate together for free. There is always a catch.

You don't need years and years to develop your skills.


Be or find a mentor.

We're all about you and your growth. A platform that is built around community, achievements, and accountability is one that promotes progress.​


Set, track, and share goals.

Build fulfilling relationships full of enrichment opportunities. Track the progress of your accomplishments and share them with others.


Earn rewards for working together.

Get value from each other’s success. Earn cryptocurrency for working on the platform, with increased rewards for working together to become better professionals.

Everything you need to grow, in one place.

Share or Gain Knowledge

Share what you know or learn what you need from each other.

Find Others Like You

Connect with friends, teammates, or even future business partners.

Create and Collaborate

Work together and accomplish your tasks with easy-to-use dashboard.

Sell Services and Goods

Sell digital goods on the marketplace or sell your services as a mentor after reaching a benchmark.

Set and Track Your Goals

Set goals, track, and record your progress, and share it in your feed.

Earn Cryptocurrency

Get rewarded for your efforts when you mentor, earn achievements, and more.

0 %
of Fortune 500 companies utilize mentoring programs.
0 %
of professionals would adopt a mentor.
0 %
of mentored individuals perform tasks more efficiently than those without a mentor.
$ 0 ,000
average salary growth for mentored managers over 10 years.

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